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Whenever you need a tree trimming, tree removal, or stump removal, we are the tree service team for you! Our company offers tree service in the Joliet, Illinois community as well as other nearby areas: Naperville, Aurora, Bolingbrook, Orland Park, Lisbon, Braidwood, and more! Our establishment is reputable for our customer service, professionalism, and our quality results at fair prices.

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Tree Service Company Joliet IL

Why trust us for the job? Our arborists are licensed, insured, and bonded. They have also gone through our company’s custom extensive training to ensure that they provide not only the best tree service, but also customer service. We are not like other tree service companies in Joliet because we emphasize the importance of communication and efficiency. Our team offers a variety of efficient methods for all of our tree services, however, we also consider that the choice of operation is up to our clients. We are happy to guide our clients every step of the way to ensure that they are confident with their decision.

Tree Removal Joliet IL

Many of our clients call for tree removal and tree cutting services due to many reasons. One of the many reasons include removing a decaying or diseased tree. A decaying tree could start from the foundation of the stem, leaving signs of tilting. This could be dangerous, as it could potentially fall onto nearby properties. A decaying and disease tree could spread unwanted bugs and even diseases and fungus onto surrounding trees and plants. You may notice signs of decay and diseases through the uncommon discoloration of the bark, leaves and fruits. Removing a tree is not a one man or woman job, it requires an experienced and fully equipped team. Our tree surgeons are not only knowledgeable and equipped, they’re state board licensed, insured and bonded. Contact us for tree removal and tree cutting services if you’re nearby the Joliet, Illinois area.

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Tree Trimming Joliet IL

Tree Pruning Joliet IL

It can be concerning for homeowners when their trees grow too close to the power lines or their roof. This could lead to a hazardous situation as the branches can yank on the cord causing a power outage, or even worse, pulling down the connecting poles. With heavy wind, the tree branches can scratch up on the side of the house or the roof. Our tree doctors will cut your trees by pieces starting from the top to reduce harming anyone or anything. We are trained to give a clean cut without leaving exposed wood flesh; which can invite wood-eating organisms. Along with tree trimming service, we also provide tree pruning service, which involves clipping a specific part of the branch to promote growth and blossoming. As a Joliet tree service company, we have all the expertise and equipment to trim and prune your trees in the least invasive way. 

Stump Removal Joliet IL

Stump Grinding Joliet IL

Stumps may seem like a harmless block of wood, but it actually could do more damage than you think. The result of a tree removal without removing the stump might’ve been like a good choice at the time as it’s seen as an unnecessary expense. However, stumps are essentially an open wound that are prone to wood-eating bacteria which could cause decaying and diseases. Stumps could become a home to thousands of pests or even mold; and at some cases, could spread onto the property. They can also spread diseases to nearby plants and trees, which could cost your thousands of dollars in the future. As a Joliet tree service company, we offer both stump removal and grinding to our clients in Joliet, Illinois. We recommend stump grinding as it is the time and labour efficient method. With our power stump grinding tool, we are confident in giving you spotless results.

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Cabling and Bracing Joliet IL

If you are interested in the least invasive method of reducing hazardous tree accidents and adding structural support, the cabling and bracing system might be for you. Large branches heavily sways when the weather is very windy. This could lead to the branches breaking off and crashing onto nearby properties or even injuring someone. Our team installed cabling and bracing by connecting the nearby trees to each other. The brace is applied to the stem and the cabling is used to connect the tree. We will install the cable underneath heavy trees as it relieves the pressure and tension in the joints. If the tree stem is leaning, the system will pull the tree in the opposite direction, allowing it to grow upwards. Call us to see if our cabling and bracing services are suitable for your trees.

24 Hour Emergency Tree Service Joliet IL

There could be unexpected situations causing your tree branches to tear or collapse. The result of it could leave the trees rotting, or your property destroyed. No matter the circumstances, we will work diligently to restore the property. Our professional team will first inspect and stabilize the area to reduce further damages. We will cut off the dead or struck parts of the trees to prevent diseases and decaying. Our team will perform debris clean up to make sure no one gets hurt after the job is done. You can trust us for a risky environment because we are experienced and insured with liability and compensation insurance. Please call us right away for emergency services. 

Commercial Tree Service Joliet IL

Working with a reliable tree service company is crucial for commercial purposes as there are many responsibilities and risk factors involved compared to residential work. Our tree service establishment recognizes the factors and we are committed to providing the best services and results. We have expertise in renovations and working with nearby pedestrians and busy streets. With every job, we emphasize our safety guidelines to ensure that nearby properties and people are protected. Our most common commercial tree services are tree removal, tree trimming and stump removal. Contact us if you are looking for a trustworthy tree service company in Joliet, Illinois.